Burgos Wind Farm Project

June 2006 [pdf].This report presents the findings of the review of a 30MW wind farm in the northern Philippines being developed by PNOC-EDC. The review scope is limited to a desk review of some of the tender documents and the annual energy production estimate made by PNOC-EDC. In general, it is the reviewers’ opinion that the documents provide the correct framework for a successful project and sufficient energy analysis for the financial investment. However, a major exception is the specification of the wind turbine itself, which appears to allow a wind turbine that may be inappropriate for the site conditions.

Assistance to the Government of Indonesia’s Demand-Side Management Program

January 2006 [pdf]. The energy situation in Indonesia is changing rapidly. High and fast international oil energy price increases had to be dealt with to ease the pressure on the national economy. In the meantime, electricity tariffs subsidy had to decrease significantly to prepare the ground for electricity sector restructuring. In addition, Indonesia shows the highest energy intensity level in the sub-region, indicating that potential significant energy savings may exist in several economical sectors.. One option to deal with this new energy situation was clearly to promote actively DSM initiatives and programs so to limit at customer’s level the potential negative impact of energy price hike. In this context, this report was produced to develop a strategy assisting the government of Indonesia to enhance its Demand-Side Management Program.

Electricity for All: Options for Increasing Access in Indonesia

December 2005 [pdf]. Indonesia's commitment to reform is continuing to accelerate economic growth, yet a staggering one third of its people live without access to electricity. It is difficult to imagine sustaining the current 6 percent economic growth rate if such large numbers of people are left behind and cannot enjoy the fruits of this prosperity. The Indonesian Government has recognized this problem and aims to provide electricity access to 90% of the population by 2020, a worthy goal which the World Bank strongly supports. At the request of the Government, this report, Electricity for All: Options for Increasing Access in Indonesia, was developed to provide some practical solutions by which Indonesia could reach their highly ambitious, yet achievable goal.

Scoping Study of Biomass Energy Development in Inner Mongolia, China

November 2005 [pdf]. This study is intended to assist the local government in Xing’an Meng, Inner Mongolia, in developing a biomass development program in the region. The objectives of the study include: assessing biomass resources for power/heat; estimating technical and economically viable biomass energy potential to provide power and heat; evaluating two pilot biomass co-generation projects; and recommending a biomass energy development strategy in Xing’An Meng.

Developing a Green Electricity Scheme for Shanghai

April 2005 [pdf]. Better city, better life" is the Shanghai mu-nicipality slogan in a campaign to promote its image as an environmentally conscientious and responsible city. One of the ways this busy hub decided to show its commitment to a less polluted city life is by becoming the first developing country city in the world to offer "Green Electricity ".

Sustainable Energy: Less Poverty, More Profits

December 2004 [pdf]. Sustainable Energy: Less Poverty, More Profits.The book and accompanying video describe achievements in increasing access to modern energy services and maintstreaming the use of renewable energy efficiency in several client countries. This book is about the ‘able’ in sustainable energy. It is about the ‘can do’, describing clearly the choices taken by decision makers in various parts of East and South Asia on how to improve access to energy, on how to give more prominence to renewable energy and how to get maximum energy efficiency out of existing systems