TRANSPORT: Greenhouse Gas Emissions Mitigation in Road Construction and Rehabilitation: A Toolkit for Developing Countries

In expectation of population and automobile growth trends, the East Asia Sustainable Development Unit was tasked with conducting a timely study for the mitigation of greenhouse gas emissions due to road construction and rehabilitation in East Asia. 

VIETNAM: State and People, Central and Local, Working Together: The Rural Electrification Experience

March 2011 [pdf].This book chronicles the development of Vietnam’s rural electrification program. It tells the story of how the Vietnamese government conceived, developed, scaled up, and improved its program.

ASTAE Annual Status Report Fiscal Year 2010

December 2010 [pdf]. Annual Status Report 18. Fiscal Year 2010, covering the period of July 1, 2009-June 30, 2010. In fiscal 2010, ASTAE continued to fulfill its role of operationalizing the energy strategy of the East Asia and Pacific Region.

CAMBODIA: Supporting Self-Sustaining Commerical Markets for Improved Cookstoves and Household Biodigesters

This document highlights the technical reports of two programs related to the dissemination of efficient cookstoves and biodigesters that are working to develop creative business models and payment schemes so that poorer households can access these energy-efficient, renewable technologies and improve their livelihoods. 

TIMOR-LESTE: Key Issues in Rural Energy Policy

December 2010 [pdf].This report presents key issues in the development of a rural energy policy for Timor-Leste. The study proposes practical recommendations derived from lessons learned from international experience in the areas of off-grid electrification, household energy, and the development of biofuels from Jatropha crops.

WINDS OF CHANGE: East Asia's Sustainable Energy Future

May 2010 [pdf]. This flagship report suggests the strategic direction for the region to get onto a sustainable energy path over the next two decades, and presents policy tools and financing mechanisms to get there. The main conclusion is that such a path of maintaining economic growth,mitigating climate change, and improving energy security is within reach of the region’s countries. However, what is required is a paradigm shift to a new lowcarbon development model.  

CAMBODIA: Improved Energy Technologies

February 2010 [pdf]. Approximately 80% of Cambodians live in rural areas with limited access to clean and affordable water and energy. Furthermore, 34% percent of the rural population lives below the national poverty line on less than $0.60 per day.

TONGA: Electric Supply System Forecasts

February 2010 [pdf]. In recognition of the vulnerability of the Tonga electricity sector to the price of oil, the GoT has set a target of 50% renewable energy for the grid-based electricity supply in three years. The study is to identify the options available, evaluate their potential role in grid electricity supplies, and determine the best combination of renewable energy projects to meet the target, and will also serve as part of the Tonga Energy Road Map.

VIETNAM: Expanding Opportunities in Energy Efficiency

This report provides an overview of energy demand trends in Vietnam, examines the need to promote energy efficiency, and summarizes ongoing government and international donor efforts in supporting Vietnam's energy efficiency initiatives.

PACIFIC ISLANDS: Coconut Oil Power Generation: A How-To Guide for Small Stationary Engines

February 2010 [pdf]. This report provides relevant information on every aspect of fueling an engine with coconut oil. In order to successfully power a diesel engine with coconut oil, the user needs to consider several key elements of the fuel delivery and combustion system so to prevent from causing damages to the engine prematurely. Additionally, some of the interdependent factors including the type of engine being used, how it is used, and local conditions such as temperature, should also be carefully selected. This Guide includes the necessary background on the relevant aspects of the diesel engine system and the theory of running an engine on coconut oil.