Toward Universal Access to Clean Cooking

Indonesia has made great strides in moving its citizens toward clean cooking solutions. Complementary programs across the archipelago reflect the country’s diverse geography, culture, and cooking practices.

Pembiayaan berbasis hasil Kerangka kerja untuk mempromosikan “tungku bersih”

Pembiayaan Berbasis Hasil (PBH) merupakan suatu konsep yang terdiri dari berbagai instrument kebijakan public dimana insentif, hadiah, atau subsidi dihubungkan dengan hasil yang ditunjukkan dan telah diverifikasi yang sesuai dengan kriteria hasil yang telah ditentukan sebelumnya.

Lao PDR: Pathways to Cleaner Household Cooking in Lao PDR - An Intervention Strategy

This report reflects the commitment of the World Bank Group and its partners in helping the Lao government to advance pathways to cleaner cooking solutions that will contribute to poverty reduction, sustainable development, and inclusive lowcarbon growth.

Indonesia: Toward Universal Access to Clean Cooking

This report summarizes the findings from phase I of the Indonesia Clean Stove Initiative (CSI), implemented in collaboration with Indonesia’s Directorate of Bioenergy, Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources (MEMR).

Pathways to Cleaner Household Cooking in Lao PDR

The Lao People’s Democratic Republic (PDR) has witnessed a steady rise in electricity service coverage over the past two decades, yet prospects for using modern fuels as alternative sources of household cooking energy remain limited.

Annual Status Report - FY 2013

This copy of ASTAE's annual status report provides details of our wide-ranging activities for FY 13, including support of the global Sustainable Energy for All (SE4ALL) initiative.

Menuju Akses Universal Memasak Bersih Tanpa Polusi

Indonesia telah melakukan langkah besar dalam menggerakkan masyarakatnya menuju solusi memasak bersih tanpa polusi. Berbagai program yang telah dilaksanakan diberbagai pulau menunjukkan kondisi Negara Indonesia yang sangat beragam baik dari geografinya, budaya, dan juga cara-cara memasaknya.

China: Accelerating Household Access to Clean Cooking and Heating

China represents the world’s largest biomass stove industry, accounts for the greatest number of installed biogas digesters, and has the largest stock of solar cookers. However, the country also faces enormous challenges.

Clean Stove Initiative Forum Proceedings | Beijing, China

This publication documents the proceedings of the Second Clean Stove Initiative (CSI) Forum and South-South Knowledge Exchange Event of the World Bank’s East Asia and Pacific (EAP) CSI Program, which was held April 26–29, 2014, in Beijing, China.

Lighting Rural India: Load Segregation Experience in Selected States

At the request of India’s Ministry of Power, the World Bank undertook a study of India’s experience in rural load segregation in 2011–12.