ESMAP-ASTAE Annual Report 2014

This annual report takes a comprehensive look at ESMAP's programs, activities and results for Fiscal Year 2014. This is also the first annual report to combine the reporting for ESMAP with that of the Asia Sustainable and Alternative Energy Program (ASTAE). Starting in FY2015, the program management and administrative functions of ASTAE - another longstanding World Bank-managed energy trust fund - are being merged with ESMAP.
The report includes an overview chapter with highlights of our work for the year, along with chapters on the main program areas of ESMAP: clean energy, energy access, energy efficient cities, and energy assessments and strategies. There are also sections on special initiatives such as the SIDS DOCK Support Program for small island developing states; the Africa Renewable Energy and Access Program (AFREA); Gender and Social Inclusion in the Energy Sector; and Results-Based Approaches to energy sector development.
Chapter 6 covers ASTAE's (Asia Sustainable and Alternative Energy Program) developments for the fiscal year, including highlights of programs and results. The final chapter (Chapter 7) is a financial overview for the three separate trust funds covered here: ESMAP, ASTAE and SIDS DOCK.
The separate annexes to the annual report include ESMAP's and ASTAE's results for FY2014 (including outcomes achieved and World Bank Group operations informed); a list of all current activities; publications completed during the fiscal year; and the proceedings of ESMAP's and ASTAE's donor meetings.