Clean Stove Initiative Forum Proceedings | Phnom Penh, Cambodia | March 18, 2013

Nearly half of the world’s people still rely on solid fuels for cooking and heating, using traditional technologies and practices. The World Bank is fully committed to meeting this objective, which is central to its mission of poverty reduction and improving people’s quality of life.
The East Asia and Pacific (EAP) Clean Stove Initiative (CSI) Forum is part of the World Bank’s EAP CSI regional program, which focuses on achieving access to modern cooking and heating solutions in the EAP region, particularly through the scaled-up access to advanced cooking and heating stoves for poor, primarily rural households, who are likely to continue using solid fuels to meet their cooking and heating needs beyond 2030.
The initiative includes four country-specific programs (China, Indonesia, Lao People’s Democratic Republic, and Mongolia) and a regional forum to promote collaboration, learning, and knowledge-sharing on access to modern energy at the household level.