ASTAE Annual Status Report Fiscal Year 2010

December 2010 [pdf]. Annual Status Report 18. Fiscal Year 2010, covering the period of July 1, 2009-June 30, 2010. In fiscal 2010, ASTAE continued to fulfill its role of operationalizing the energy strategy of the East Asia and Pacific Region. The regional team has recently completed a flagship report, Winds of Change: East Asia’s Sustainable Energy Future, and is finalizing a second flagship report—Two Paths, One Goal:Energy Access in East Asia and Pacific. Based on the consultations conducted during the preparation of the flagship reports and their findings, six priority areas of focus in the energy
sector in the coming years were identified for the region:scaling up renewable energy, improving energy efficiency, increasing access to energy, introducing new technologies and low-carbon energy solutions, promoting regional energy trade and market integration, and advancing sector reforms and financial viability.