Tonga Energy Roadmap Implementation Project

ASTAE-Financed Activity At-A-Glance
East Asia and Pacific
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ASTAE-Financed Activity Details
ASTAE-Financed Activity Summary: 
This activity consists of two main components: Component 1: Strengthening Tonga's Energy Sector Framework and Structure. This component will be implemented by Tonga Energy Roadmap Implementation Unit (TERM IU) and will focus on strengthening the functioning of the Unit and on technical assistance support including in the areas of energy sector policy; environmental and social safeguards frameworks; petroleum price risk management strategy; and developing a Communications Plan for TERM to rally key stakeholders around the TERM’s long-term goals and activities being implemented in order to mitigate risks/misinformation that may arise. Component 2: Preparing Tonga Power Limited (TPL) for renewable energy supply. This component will be implemented by TPL and will focus on technical assistance including for: (i) designing upgrades to the networks and systems operations procedures (this will include some equipment –inter alia controls systems- to ensure continuing stable operation of the generation and transmission systems and maximize the benefit of proposed renewable energy plant supply; this does not include new structures or activities requiring earthworks); and (ii) developing a least-cost generation and associated network development plan for the period of five years (2012 through 2017) with renewable energy plants.
Strategic Pillar Focus: 
Renewable Energy
Task Manager: 
Roberto Gabriel Aiello
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Outcomes and Impacts

The expected key outcomes of the activity are as follows:
(i) Sector structure and institutional arrangements to coordinate strategic planning and targeting of resources to reduce Tonga’s vulnerability to oil price shock.
(ii) TPL system is more robust with respect to accepting energy supply from intermittent sources and delivers quality electric power.  The internationally-recognised network reliability criteria currently monitored by TPL management, that is, the System Average Interruption Duration Index (SAIDI), the System Average Interruption Frequency Index (SAIFI) and the Customer Average Interruption Duration Index (CAIDI), will show improvements relative to the upgrade situation.